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Highways and Bridges

Bridge re-strengthening works

Old Flatts Bridge, Rotherham

Design and build for over-bridge strengthening works

Thornhill, Dewsbury

  • Replacement of curtain wall
  • Installation of temporary concrete form work
  • Structural repairs to existing concrete
  • Installation of steel sheet piling
  • Concrete water proofing and jointing works
  • Construction of nib
  • Replacement of bearing plinths
  • Associated works

Grit blast painting and new concrete bridge deck were required to comply with highway loadings.


  • Strengthening of the bridge by constructing a reinforced concrete slab over the cross girders to provide better load distribution
  • Waterproofing of the deck
  • Grit blasting and painting of all exposed metal works
  • Temporary narrowing of the footpath to reduce traffic management changeovers
  • Specially designed and manufactured temporary curtains implementing an industrial Velcro fastening system


Replacement of two track single span bridge

Elland Road, Leeds

New bridge construction

Highfield Lane, Sheffield

  • Off site pre-casting of all concrete bridge components including approach retaining walls
  • Pouring of deck compound once the bridge was assembled
  • Excavation of abutments, landing jack, placing of retaining walls in weekend possession


Innovation: Use of couplers to ease congestion in a heavily reinforced area.

Abutment and central pier pile cap foundations constructed in situ; circular columns and top cross-head beams, permanent form-work and parapet temporary works erected during possession; construction of concrete deck, parapets and approach slabs


Innovation: As much temporary works and permanent form-work installed prior to bridge placement to minimise critical possession durations. Used joint-less circular form-work system to produce very high quality surface finish.

Bridge deck replacement

Todwick Road, Sheffield

Single span road over rail bridge replacement


  • Precast and installation of abutments
  • Installation of omnia plank soffits between main bridge girders undertaken during weekend possession
  • Installation of temporary works for parapets
  • Construction of diaphragm walls and parapets
  • Concrete approach slabs


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