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Maintenance Shed Construction

Oxley, Wolverhampton

Installation of CET and Pollution Control

Weston Road, Crewe

An additional maintenance road and shed facility was required to maintain the west coast mainline fleet.


The additional shed has a full length inspection pit of 120 metres.


  • CFA piles
  • Reinforced concrete bogie drop pit
  • New maintenance shed with rail access pit including piled foundations
  • Reinforced concrete inspection pit
  • Infrastructure works including deep drainage
  • Car park and access roads


  • Installation of a new carriage wash machine
  • Reinforced concrete foundation works, drainage, UTX, and services trough
  • Installation of new CET and potable water system


Design and build a bogie maintenance facility

Longsight, Manchester

Design and build a new maintenance workshop

Queens Road, Manchester

The facility is capable of holding two bogies for simultaneous steam cleaning.


  • Steel frame wash enclosure
  • Structural modifications to pit
  • GRP lining
  • Installation of air and water extraction systems
  • Installation of cladding and doors



  • Removal of existing rail and rubble from site, along with other associated works to prepare ground for piles
  • Installation of CFA piles for pit & shed extension
  • Installation of driver platform foundations, adjacent to new sidings roads
  • Construction of new apron slabs, to building entrance & exit
  • Excavation & preparation for structural pit works
  • Reinforced concrete structural works, for pit & shed construction
  • Installation of steel frame building
  • Overhead monorail crane
  • Installation of depot protection system


Safe Walking Routes, Potable Water Points, Carriage Wash and CET Facility

Craigentinny & Portobello, Edinburgh

Design and build a depot extension for 11 car integration

Oxley, Wolverhampton

Due to a new timetable the client required enhancements to their existing facilities in a demanding time frame successfully met by the construction team.


  • Carriage wash installation
  • CET and pump house installation
  • Footpaths
  • Water points
  • Bollard Lighting


Due to changing the west coast mainline fleet of trains from 9 car set to 11 car sets to increase passenger capacity the operator required alteration and extensions to allow the depot to accommodate the extended trains.


  • 56 metre extension to existing building and inspection pit
  • Modification to the existing structure to raise the roof height for the provision of OLE
  • Installation of associated mechanical equipment
  • Installation of associated electrical equipment
  • New HGV access route and track crossing
  • New OLE to road 16a


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